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MISUNDERSTOOD - LIAM GALLAGHER cover | Home studio performance | Tito Larios

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Hi guys ???? This is a Liam Gallagher cover by Tito Larios (Misunderstood). Hope you like it! I post videos about busking and covers every week. Subscribe for more content like this! SUBSCRIBE ➡️ IG ➡️ FB ➡️ Other related videos: ○ HOLY - Justin Bieber ○ ONCE - Liam Gallagher ○ YELLOW - Coldplay _________________________________________________ HOME STUDIO SETUP: Condenser Microphone: Audio Interface: MIDI Keyboard: Speakers: _________________________________________________ VIDEO GEARS: Mostly filmed with this: Tripod: Microphone: Lights: Small tripod: External Hard Drive: _________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: Links...
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