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Digital Premiere—The Ninth Hour: The Beowulf Story

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Join us for the digital premiere of The Ninth Hour: The Beowulf Story. This performative rock-noir reimagining of the famous epic explores the intricacies of mankind's relationship with power and violence. Staged in the Fuentidueña Chapel at The Met Cloisters last spring, this is a classic story of glory and ruin—as told through triumphant pop anthems, heart-wrenching lullabies, heroes, and monsters. Kate Douglas and Shayfer James, composers and lyricists Kevin Newbury, director Troy Ogilvie, co-director and choreographer Jason Weisinger, music director Zane Pihlstrom, designer George Miller, assistant director Liz Printz, hair designer Julian Martin, make-up designer Performers: Brandon Bieber, company...
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