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Looking Glass #51 - Falcon Got A Spice Adams Beard

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Looking Glass #51 - Falcon Got A Spice Adams Beard
X, Church, Brandon and Ken discuss #Evo2019, Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar bid, Powers of X, and more on this week episode of Looking Glass Follow X: @BlackIce392 Follow Church: @COFFINBORNEGOD Follow Brandon: @derpdeviI Follow Ken: @GammaMoon_ Topics: Titans Aquaman beginning production Falcon & Winter Soldier production date Evo 2019 Mortal Kombat 11 PS4 sells 100M consoles COD: Modern Warfare DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths Black Adam Ava Duvernay New Gods Joaquin Phoenix Best Actor for Joker? Marvel Comics Powers of X Galactus to the MCU? Namor in BP2? Play in the biggest NFL season long tournament EVER! Join the $3.5...
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