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Bhad Bhabie Boxing Woach Vicky After KSI VS Logan Paul Fight Goes Viral

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Bhad Bhabie reacts to Logan Paul vs KSI 2 and calls out Woah Vicky. Drake is boo’d off stage in Cali. Plus - Cardi B pulls up on a fan in a funny video you have to see. #BhadBhabie #WoahVicky #LoganPaul The drama between Danielle ‘Bhad Bhabie’ Bregoli, 16, and Victoria ‘Woah Vicky’ Waldrip, 19, is at an all-time high — but Bhad Babie has a plan to get back at her nemesis! “Danielle is really upset that this all happened but it has lit a fire under her to write a song or verse about it,” a source close...
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