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Watch Kang Daniel 강다니엘 Bangkok Thailand 'Color On Me' Fanmeeting September 7, 2019 (Please SUBSCRIBE

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Watch Kang Daniel (강다니엘)'s Bangkok, Thailand 'Color On Me' Fanmeeting held on September 7, 2019. He performed Intro - Through The Night, Color, Horizon, What Are You Up To, I Hope, and Sorry by Justin Bieber. His performance is really awesome. You will always feel his sincerity. ❤ To all Kang Daniel's fans, DANITY, Wannables, please don't give up on Kang Daniel. Let's keep on supporting him. Let's keep on cheering for him! Don't leave him. We are his strength. Please subscribe, like and turn on notifications for more updates and support to Kang Daniel. Thank you! 2019 년 9...
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