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Faze Banks Reacts To Tfue Lawsuit Against Faze Clan

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Tfue sues Faze Clan in new lawsuit claiming they're robbing him of earnings & more. Plus, Faze Banks reacts to the wild news. #FazeBanks #Tfue #FazeClan UPDATE 5/20/2019, 4:55pm EST: Tfue’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, also commented on the lawsuit, telling HollywoodLife, “This lawsuit and the Petition governed by the California Labor Commission were filed as a result of the unfair and illegal practices by Tfue’s gaming organization Faze Clan. The contract violates the talent genies act because Faze Clan is acting as an unlicensed talent agent. In doing so, Faze Clan is able to avoid the Labor Commissioners [sic] review...
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