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Sunny Malouf Talks One Minute, Her First Date, Jake Paul, & Fortnite | Hollywoodlife

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Sunny Malouf reveals the inspiration behind 'One Minute', talks working with Jake Paul & Team 10, Fortnite, and her first date. #SunnyMalouf #OneMinute #Hollywoodlife Also, check out our new HollywoodLife Beauty Box! Get over $100 dollars worth of products for only $50. It's the perfect gift for the Holidays! Produced by Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack She’s got more than a million followers on her envy-inducing Instagram page, has already shared the stage with Cardi B, and opened the Live Nation’s largest summer tour in 2018 with Jake Paul and Team 10. The kicker? Sunny Maluouf is just 14-years-old. The multitalented...
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