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Cookie - R. Kelly / Bongyoung Park Choreography / Dance

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Presented to you by TheHousecon Original choreography by Bongyoung Park - Starring - Bongyoung Park @Bongyoung_Park Dylan Graney @dgraney123 Chris Kang @chriskang94 Insung Jang @in_sung_jang Yunhwan Ji @yun_hwan_ji Produced & Directed by - Bongyoung Park, Joseph Jung (@qo_ophep) Dircetor of videography - Joseph Jung Video editor & Colorist - Joseph Jung, Bongyoung Park Make-up artist Yura @makeup_yura Song - Cookie by R. Kelly Production - @thehousecon Subscibe To My Channel and Get More Enjoying⬇️ Check out my 2017 Tour ⬇️ Check out my previous videos▶️ MY FIRST PRADA!!! ➡️ DO WHAT YOU WANT!!! (My singing) ➡️
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